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Open Day

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Monday 6th March 2017 | By ma-admin

Open Day

Open Day

Thank you to everyone who came to our Open Day on 2nd March. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a summary of the day and the key points covered. If you would like further information on any of the topics covered please do not hesitate to get in touch with Alex Kilpatrick or Dan Ashton.

MA Group

Paul Hayman started the event off with an update on the developments in the industry and at MA Group. He talked about the changes in our industry, such as the emergence of more cash solutions, the consolidation of loss adjusting companies and their changing business models and the demands being placed on the construction industry through the increase in new house building and investment in infrastructure. The supply chain is still fragmented and insurers’ under-investment in systems and training makes it increasingly difficult for the industry to meet the new challenges. Suppliers are keen to innovate but insurers seem to be unable to support innovations.

MA Group has grown four fold over the last four years and remains debt free, cash positive and profitable. It will continue to grow by investing in new products and services, entering into new markets and embracing technology. We have a new, broader senior management team and we continue to look for new talent to join this team and support our growth plans.

We are also growing geographically: we have opened a second office the North West and will be moving into our own permanent offices near Warrington in April.

Virtus Validations

Dan Ashton talked about Virtus Validations, our new independent, nationwide validation company. Virtus aims to be the first choice in claims validation by providing the best customer experience, correct validation and fair settlements all combined within a unique and transparent model.

Through investment in innovative technology and a clear understanding of Consumer Rights, Virtus provides an efficient and positive experience for the customer, enables clear, well-informed customer choice and supports the customer regardless of the outcome of the claim. Net Promoter Scores for Virtus so far have consistently exceeded 80%.

Virtus uses our mobile surveying app, Scoper, and our in-house case management system, Reflex 360. The integration of these systems create real efficiencies as well as comprehensive survey reports and strong validation.

Through the use of videos and audio recordings, smart triage and industry recognised, fair cash settlement rates Virtus protects clients and controls costs. Virtus is also able to link to an insurer’s preferred building network to ensure a smooth handover with comprehensive information about the claim and the customer’s preferences and priorities.

Virtus is able to provide validation and surveys for:

  • Property claims, including roofing
  • Flooring claims
  • Impact and third party clams
  • Warranty claims

For more information please go to the Virtus website.


Scoper is our bespoke, mobile scoping and validation app developed by our in-house IT company Innoflex Systems. Already being used extensively by Virtus Validations, this advanced technology’s built-in efficiencies are helping to minimise claim lifecycles and improve the customer experience.

In-built efficiencies allow the surveyor to spend more time on the validation and scope preparation, whilst also informing the customer of options and outcomes. Transparent, correct and comprehensive data is captured for the client and it enables support for the customer and protection of their consumer rights.

A key feature of this technology is how easy it is to use. The attached flyer gives you more detailed information on Scoper. Or you can go to the Innoflex website.

Reflex 360

Reflex 360 is our in-house case management system, developed primarily for builders and developed further for validation and surveying.

It has built-in management information enabling managers to review the performance of each case and the business as a whole.

  • It is SLA driven with a simple red, amber, green system that provides an instant insight into SLA conformance or otherwise.
  • A comprehensive activity log and integrated document library lets you capture all data in relation to each case.
  • It enables workforce planning with the ability to assign line items from the scopes of works and the recording of timesheet information.
  • You can view the profit and loss for each case and it integrates into finance systems through its export function and generation of purchase orders.
  • A customer portal enables customers to view the progress of their case and communicate with the supplier.

Reflex 360 delivers real value and benefits. It saves time and resources on mundane manual report generation, it promotes workforce efficiencies and, with flexible pricing plans to suit all business needs and sizes, it is a cost effective alternative to building your own system.


BrokerAid is our complete end-to-end solution for brokers. It delivers a comprehensive menu of property claims services that range from initial validation, through to repair and full project management, through our dedicated central Broker Hub supported by leading edge technology.

Built around robust core services that have a proven track record of delivering the right service, we can support what brokers want:

  • Reduce lifecycles and remove hassle for all stakeholders through a cohesive solution.
  • Consider the customer’s predicament and provide a full ranges of options to support.
  • Ensure customers receive a fair settlement, choice and the best possible claims service.
  • Control costs to protect customer premiums and brokers commercial agreements with underwriters.
  • Provide transparency and clarity.
  • Enable better overall communication with a central hub supported by a broker and customer portal.

As part of our solution we have created a package of different benefits to help support customers, differentiate and help drive loyalty, such as:

  • Retail discounts to enhance the claims experience or to offer some extra value even if a claim is repudiated.
  • Property check-up, helping to reduce risk and improve underwriting, as well as supporting customers.
  • Advice, an unpriced schedule of works and information on TrustMark accredited contractors to help customers carry out repairs in the event of a repudiation.

This service is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet the requirements of any broker and their customers. For more information please go to the MA Assist website.

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