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November 2020 update

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Thursday 26th November 2020 | By ma-admin

November 2020 update

Keeping the wheels turning

Even though it’s been a crazy year, we have not stood still here at MA Group. Because we kept working throughout the lockdown we have managed to ramp up our business quickly to deal with the delayed demand that has been coming through from clients and their customers.

Not only have we kept the wheels of property claims management turning we have been investing in new people and systems to drive the business forward and improve customer journeys further. This month we bring you an update on these developments.

Performing a vital role

This month the Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, published an open letter paying tribute to the construction industry for performing a vital role for the UK during this difficult year. You can read the full letter by clicking HERE.

“Whether working on large or small construction sites, in peoples’ homes across the country, in builders’ merchants, designing and project managing schemes or producing construction and mineral products, you are making an invaluable contribution in supporting the economy,”

Along with the rest of the construction industry, MA Group and our suppliers have continued to adapt, innovate and work tirelessly to keep up with the changing demands that Covid-19 has placed on us. We are delighted with how everyone throughout MA Group and our supply chains have performed in 2020, and feedback from our clients has been immensely positive.

We are now in a new, partial lockdown in England and we are delighted that the volume and value of work being completed is running at higher than normal levels. Well done to everyone, and thank you.

More new talent for MA Group

We are delighted to welcome Tony Derbyshire to the MA Group as Supply Chain  Director.

He has years of experience in managing supply chains , most recently at Crawford. He was our Head of Supply Chain when we were just MA Assist – our business has grown significantly since 2016 and Tony now has 80+ surveyors, 12 franchisees as well as 90+ building contractors and specialists to manage.

We also welcome David Shimwell to the MA Group.  David brings years of experience in franchising to the group, and plenty of experience in disaster management having spent the last 4 years at Rainbow.

To support our growth and consolidation plans for 2021, David will take up the role of Account Development Director for Revival.

Over the last three months we have hired an additional 19 new members of staff across the group including David, Tony, Business Analysts, Claim Managers, Claim Technicians and Project Co-ordinators.

New telephone system


Our new, state-of-the-art telephone system went live on 4th Novermber, on time and to budget. This is a significant investment that not only makes our systems and processes more robust but provides us with live data on how we are performing across client teams, business units and activities.

This new system will increase productivity by ensuring customers and clients are connected to the best suited member of staff quickly, provides live information displays for tactical decision-making and gives us historical business reporting on the performance of systems and people within the organisation.

It will also enable us to develop our digital offerings through customisable self-service options for customers, and applications enabling customers to engage without the need to speak to an advisor.This new system will play a vital role in our IT and digital strategy for 2021 and beyond, led by our IT and Digital Director, Chris Hall.

MA Group MAD Awards

The MADest person in the MA Group in November was Adam Tansley, MA Group Business Analyst.On Saturday 3rd October, the electrics tripped at 00:01 in the morning. The electrics which tripped were those supplying the comms room with power. This meant that our servers shut down and so did our (old) phone system.  Adam went straight to the office on the Saturday morning and powered the comms room back up. All systems appeared to go back.

However, the telephones were still not working. It became apparent that the telephone system had lost all its programming due to it shutting down all of a sudden.  Throughout Saturday, Adam worked tirelessly to get the system up and running so we wouldn’t be adversely affected on Monday morning.

Well done, Adam.

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