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November 2018 update

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Wednesday 28th November 2018 | By ma-admin

November 2018 update

A decade of independent claims management

It seems incredible, but it is almost 10 years since I took the plunge and bought Multiassistance (now MA Assist) from Multiassistencia S.A. And what a decade it has been – for Me, Jorge and Teresa and some long-serving staff. This month we bring you news of the 10 year celebrations and the 200 Club as well as our first ever Benchmark Award for the longest serving, best performing supplier from our network.

As usual, we won’t be doing a newsletter in December, but we will be back in January 2019 with more news for the New Year.

10th anniversary and the 200 Club

On 12th December it will be 10 years since I led the MBO of MA Group from its Spanish owner. It has been an amazing decade, and I can honestly say it has never been dull!

During that time we have dealt with almost 100,000 claims, touched the lives of almost 400,000 people and invoiced over £200 million!

We have watched our workforce grow from around 15 to almost 60 people. We have sponsored our staff through Masters degrees, Bachelor degrees, finance qualifications and CII qualifications.

We have worked out that 30 of our staff have worked for us for an astonishing 200 years in total – hence the 200 Club. So on 8th November we celebrated with our longest serving staff and senior managers by treating them to a night of bowling and dinner. We also held a presentation to award the longest serving staff with gifts, champagne and certificates.

A special mention goes to Melissa Bridges, our longest serving employee, who has worked for the MA Group, pre- and post-MBO, for 16 years. She is closely followed by Caroline Elmer who has worked for the group for 15 years and Rose Crichlow who has almost made it to 10 years.

Heather Rix, Marc Etchells, Adam Tansley, Alastair Richards, Stephen Pomfret and Ryan Scott have worked for 7 to 8 years for the MA Group. And another 9 people have worked for us for over 5 years.

Jorge, Teresa and I thank them all for their loyal and dedicated long service to MA Group. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we are very proud of them all and the business they have helped us to build.

Benchmark Award

We also took the opportunity to recognise one of our longest serving and best-performing suppliers – Property Services SDS. Previously Mick and Paul have won Supplier of the Quarter and Supplier of the Year, but they are now the first recipients of the Benchmark Award.

The Benchmark Award recognises Property Services SDS’s long-running, consistent and dedicated service to our clients and customers. They have consistently been in the top 5 suppliers in our leagues tables, they always get positive feedback from customers and their claim durations are excellent. Paul and Mick’s son, Chris, joined us for the evening celebrations on 8th November.


Surveyor of Q3 2018

Congratulations to Thurston Sargent, Virtus’s Surveyor of Q3 2018.

Thurston has been attending visits quickly and getting reports back in good time. His reports are accurate and he is receiving consistently great customer satisfaction results.

The Virtus claims team have also praised him for always trying to be flexible and accommodating as well as having a great working relationship with them.

Thurston has been a supporter of Virtus as it has grown, so it’s great that we can recognise Thurston as our top performer in Q3.

MA Group MAD awards

The October winner of the MA Group monthly MAD Award was Sarah Hamer from MA Assist.

Recently Sarah spent a significant amount of time on a claim, ensuring that the policy holder received the correct final settlement.

He was so grateful for her assistance he took the trouble to send Sarah an early Christmas card to thank her for all “the help along the way”.

Sarah receives a £25 voucher and will be entered into the MAD Award of the Year. Well done Sarah.

With only two months to go, we will soon find out who is the MADdest member of staff for 2018. If any client, supplier or member of staff would like to nominate a staff member from any of the MA Group companies for a MAD Award please get in touch with Sally-Ann Johnson.

MA Dry course

The next MA Dry course will take place 28-29th November in Redditch. If you would like to attend the course please contact Stephen Pomfret, MA Assist’s Head of Supply Chain.

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