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Making the most of 20+ years of data

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Monday 10th July 2017 | By ma-admin

Making the most of 20+ years of data

Putting the customer first

Customer service is at the heart of our business and we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the claims experience for our customers.  Having measured our net promoter score since 2014, we’re proud to say it’s now risen to a WORLD-CLASS score of 70 with a 60% return rate.

In early 2017 we introduced a new piece of software into our business called Tableau. Tableau is business intelligence software that helps people see and understand their data. Tableau:

  • connects and visualises insurance claims data from databases, spreadsheets and cloud services in minutes,
  • combines multiple views of data to get richer insights,
  • updates automatically so data is always live and in real-time, and
  • can be shared across the business via the web and mobile devices.

We’ve already reduced the length of time for an average customer claim by around 15% since Tableau’s implementation, but we’re not complacent. We aim to constantly improve the service we provide for insurers and consumers, and Tableau is helping us to do just that.

With increased analysis and deeper insights, this year we expect to see a 20% reduction in the cost and duration of claims compared to 2016 by the end of the year.

Detailed analytics deliver deeper insights

Understanding exactly what is happening with customers at every stage of the claims process is essential to the insurance sector. Business intelligence tools provide deeper insights, enabling companies to better understand and visualise each step of the customer journey.

We’re now able to see in real time how we are performing, month to date and year to date, using a variety of charts and scatter graphs. By extracting, collating, visualising and analysing data taken from all our core management systems, we can immediately see where improvements can be made across all our processes.

An immensely powerful tool, Tableau is now regularly used by our operations, sales and account management and supply chain to deliver bespoke reports.

Tableau produces reports in many formats – charts, graphs, tables and even pictorially. The image above shows the areas covered by our suppliers across the UK.

Improving efficiency and reducing costs

At MA Assist, we aim to run tasks in parallel where possible, combining processes to save time across the overall claim from the customer’s initial contact through to final sign off.

With highly visual graphs and charts, Tableau shows us how this is working at every stage – from the initial customer call, through to the surveyor visit, estimates gathered, specialist suppliers appointed, building and repair work completed through to customer sign off.

In addition, we’re now able to further analyse information by supplier, client and commercial model, so we can see in real time if there is a problem. For example, we can understand the capacity within our supply chain in real time, allowing us to clearly and visually identify which suppliers may be having capacity challenges and therefore enabling us to shift work to other suppliers in the supply chain quickly. This helps us to improve customer service and efficiency while reducing costs for our customers.

Shining a spotlight on the insurance industry

The Association of British Insurers noted that across the country, escape of water claims are growing in value and frequency, with the number of rooms damaged and claimed for increasing over the last three years. The average claim cost is now £7,000.

Tableau is providing visualisation, information and analysis to help us ask more questions and drill down to gain a better understanding of trends such as this affecting the wider insurance market.

We used to have two members of staff dedicated to producing management information. Now our highly skilled staff are trained up, not on data production, but on analysis. They are becoming expert at spotting trends or issues immediately.

In this way, armed with better information, we’re improving efficiency across all our processes and reinvesting the time saved back into the business.

Tableau also gives us an insight into claim cost drivers and reasons for repudiations, information that we are happy to share with our clients to help them with underwriting and product decisions, as well as claims process reviews. We can provide our clients with direct access to Tableau reports that are relevant to them.

Tableau is a valuable catalyst for change, not only within our organisation, but across the whole insurance sector.

With over 20 years of insurance claims data and knowledge now at our finger tips, we can help our clients better understand the service they are providing to their customers. So please get in touch if you would like a greater insight into how your claims service is performing.

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