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About us

Since 1996, MA Assist has become one of the UK’s leading Integrated Property Services companies. We specialise in property claims handling for insurers and intermediaries and property repair and maintenance services for property owners and their agents. With a building repair network that repairs damaged properties all over the UK, it oversees construction works with a total value of over £30m a year.

We’re lucky enough to employ some of the brightest and best talent in the sector – former claims managers, loss adjusters, builders, surveyors, investigators and technology wizards. We have a wealth of genuine customer service expertise, ensuring that we provide the best Integrated Property Service to our clients and their customers.

Customers and our top priority. Customer focus and understanding are at the heart of our day to day operations: we consistently achieve WORLD CLASS Net Promoter Scores.

Our vision and mission

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  • Ensuring customers are our top priority. Consumer satisfaction must be at the heart of our day to day operation and behaviour.
  • Being a growth company expanding our range of Products & Services to address existing and further markets, challenging the status quo of existing models and solutions.
  • Becoming one of the most trusted and respected Integrated Property Services Company in the UK by both our end user customers and wider stakeholders.
  • Creating innovative service solutions | Building scale in networks | Expanding our professional services.
  • Investing in three strategic assets | Our people | Customer engagement and fulfilment | Technology and efficiency.

Our values

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At MA Assist, our business is built on a strong set of core values which underpin everything we say and do.

Our values inspire our excellent people. They inspire our ideas for innovation. They inspire the way we design our processes:

  • Keep it simple – We believe in keeping things simple for our customers, we like to talk straight and avoid jargon.
  • Excellent communication – We believe in keeping our customers and our clients well informed.
  • A can do, will do attitude – We are here to serve our customers and we do what we say we will do.
  • Being passionate – We believe every individual can make a contribution to the overall success of our business.
  • Honesty and integrity – When we tell you we can handle your claims, services and instructions more quickly and more cost effectively we can back this up with evidence.
  • Flexibility – We are responsive to our clients’ needs and we can cope with what you throw at us.
  • Compassion – We empathise with customers, policyholders, but also with our clients.
  • Supporting our staff – We constantly support our colleagues, contractors, clients and customers in order to create a winning team.

Our team:

  • Jorge Gonzalo -
    Managing Director

  • Louisa Major -
    Group Operations Director

  • Stephen Pomfret -
    Group Head of Supply Chain

  • Melissa Bridges -
    Client Director

  • Joe Russell -
    Claims Manager

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We're a very friendly team. If you have a specific property claim or building repair programme that needs urgent assistance - or if you'd like an informal chat about who we are and what we do - we would love to hear from you:

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